Rifle Training


Fundamental Rules for All Guns

Treat every gun as loaded. Even if you saw the person handing you a fire arm check or empty it, it is your responsibility to verify that it is empty. Remove the magazine, pull back the slide, disengage the cylinder, etc. to be 100% sure if the gun is empty (or loaded).

Never point the muzzle at anything that you do not want to destroy. Accidental discharges occur, sometimes with devastating results. Guns are tools, not toys. Treat them with the seriousness they warrant. Other people, including your children, may be watching and learning. Make sure your actions and attitudes promote safety and proper respect for these lethal tools.

Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. Guns do not fire themselves. Be sure of your target AND what is behind it before your touch the trigger. Be sure you intend to destroy what you are aiming at, whether it is a target or an armed intruder.

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