New Texas Open Carry Law

Texas legislators voted for open carry

Texas will soon allow open carry! Even though this is a triumph for Second Amendment supporters, I will continue to carry concealed. As a martial artist (3rd degree Black Belt Kaju Kenpo), I was taught not to advertise my skills. Let the would-be assailant be surprised when he ends up on the ground as the recipient of an unarmed response.

If you need to pull out a firearm to protect yourself or others, let the “bad guy” find out then that you are carrying. In addition to having the advantage of surprise, concealed carry (including no printing which means the outline of the gun is not apparent through clothing) does not frighten or upset anyone. It also does not make you a target of someone who wants to steal a gun. Out of sight is out of mind.

My Sensei (martial arts instructor) always said that if you look for trouble you will find it. So I won’t wear open carry. It may attract the wrong kind of attention. He also said that the best place to be during a fight is somewhere else. When possible, leave potential bad situations before a problem breaks out. It is not our job as private citizens to arrest anyone; so if they turn and run just let them go. (You may want to alert the police of the possibility that another assault or robbery may happen in the vicinity later, and you have a description of the perpetrator. There have been instances where assailants call 911 and say that they are the victim of an armed robbery.)

Just my opinion…

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