Defense Training

Defense training for everyone

Don’t be afraid or pretend that we live in a perfect world. People do not want to spend their lives in fear. We just want to live our lives fully in the pursuits we choose–family, hobbies, work, sports, etc. We want to feel free and open to friends and neighbors. Defense training can give you confidence to enjoy a full, happy and productive life. And it begins with a few simple steps.

Just be aware and following simple safety precautions avoids many risks. Walking in a crowded well-lit area just makes sense. Leaving an area where something bad may happen is just good thinking. Even having plenty of gas in the tank has helped avoid stress and possible injury.

Here at Eschaton Defense Training, our goal is to teach everyday people skills that will keep them out of many bad situations. And ways of dealing with trouble when it cannot be avoided. Our various courses are taught by certified experts in their respective fields. Classes include:

  • Avoiding common risks. Some call it “street smarts”, others call it plain common sense. But without always being suspicious, edgy, or “keeping your guard up”, you and your family can lead a safer life. Eschaton’s Awareness Training will arm you with concepts and simple actions to keep you out of harm’s way.
  • Defensive Firearms Training. Despite what the media portray, the most dangerous cities in America also have the toughest anti-gun laws. Why? Because law abiding citizens follow the law and are therefore unarmed when encountering a criminal with a firearm. Additionally, people are taught to fear firearms and everyone who owns them.
    Eschaton instructors will train you to safely handle a fire arm. We offer courses for using a Pistol, Shotgun, and/or Rifle in a defensive situation. We train people how to shoot well. But also impress upon our students the seriousness of discharging a weapon even in a self-defense situation.
    In addition to learning how to shoot your firearm, we teach you how to safely handle, store, and maintain this tool.
  • Unarmed Self Defense. With only your body, you can fend off an attacker and get out of a dangerous situation. Self defense and fighting should not be confused. Fighting is about dominating an opponent. Self defense is about dealing with a situation so you can escape. Taught by black belt instructors, our self defense course teaches you basic debilitating moves to get you away from those who mean you harm.